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Everything you want to know about The School of Reviews.

Find one you love. Teacher are not empowered when choosing where to work. New teachers don’t know what questions to ask and experienced teachers are presented with only one side of the school.

The School of Reviews provides insider information about schools, by teachers, for teachers, with no filter. Think of it like Trip Advisor, but for schools.

Make schools better. Teachers in Britain are leaving the profession at record levels. The main reason, teachers cite, is excessive workload and its effect on their personal lives. #TeacherRetentionCrisis

The School of Reviews publishes reviews based on staff satisfaction. Schools therefore, are incentivised to prioritise staff satisfaction, addressing the imbalance between teachers and management.
Teacher specific. We are the first teacher specific employer review website. The questions we ask and information given is designed by teacher for teacher.

Protect anonymity. Information is only published when 5 or more surveys of a school have been completed. Information given can never be traced to individual teachers.

Reliable information. The School of Reviews reviews of schools are created by teachers for teachers with no filter. All reviewers are verified to work in the school they review and anonymity is protected so reviews can be trusted.

Assembling teacher’s voice. Union intervention in individual schools is often reactive and occurs only in extreme cases. The School of Reviews in contrast is proactive. We help all schools improve meaning fewer extreme cases.

Categorised information. Care more about the staff moral, about the support for behaviour, or about training and career progression in a new school - the information given is categorised to help teachers.

Categories that help schools improve. All categories are independent of pupil intake. For example, schools are judge on their Support for Behaviour not the General Behaviour of the kids. Schools are evaluated on categorise they can improve.

Not-for profit. The School of Reviews is a registered community interest company, which means it has an asset lock - any profit made can only be used to run and improve the service.

School descriptors. All schools are unique and suit some teacher more than others. Atmospheric descriptors let teachers know what a school is like before they work there.
We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. Legally, we are a community interest company. This means we have an asset lock, so any profits made stay within the company, either to improve the service or increase the services we deliver.
I have been teaching Science in schools in East London for the last 5 years. My most recent school was an Outstanding, and supportive and encouraging of everything I wanted to do, both in my teaching and in the school in general. While my own recent experiences of teaching have been brilliant I am fully aware that this is not the experience of friends and colleagues in other schools. Before this school I was, like many new teachers, ready to leave the profession. I founded The Schools of Reviews both to help teachers make more informed decisions about where to work and to make schools more accountable for the staff happiness.
Reviews are only published when there are three or more reviews of a specific school. Published information is always averaged so no individual review is ever published. The result is that individual reviews can’t be traced back to the reviewer. Anonymity is protected.
Every school in the UK has three or more reviews.
Teachers use the site to make informed decisions about where they plan to work.
Schools prioritise staff satisfaction.
Happier schools for teachers, meaning happier schools for students, meaning better schools for everyone.

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